So You Want To Hunt – A Guide For Beginners

Hunting is a thrilling activity for those who participate in it. Beginning hunters need to know certain rules and regulations before they take to the woods with their loaded weapons. The first thing any beginner should know is that safety comes first. Never point a loaded gun at another human being or even other animals unless you are prepared to shoot them. Never fire a gun within 50 feet of a house. You should also wear bright orange clothing to stand out so that other hunters don’t accidentally shoot Read the rest of this entry »

How Young Is Too Young For A First Kill?

Hunting has long been known as an enjoyable sport that also has many purposeful uses. While our ancestors once used hunting to secure food for their families, today’s hunters tend to focus on the sport for enjoyment as well as the possibility of putting food on their table. When conducted using the utmost of safety precautions, hunting can be enjoyed by even young children. However, even the most avid hunters often wonder exactly at what age Read the rest of this entry »

Using Prey As Food In Tough Economic Times

Many people have been brought up with the notion that hunting is a sport. However, not very long ago in our society, hunting was a necessary means of putting food on the table. The questionable economic times that we live in have caused some people to hunt primarily for food. For instance, sales of deer hunting tags have increased substantially in western states, and many people are counting on their hunting bounty to decrease household food costs. Other animals that are Read the rest of this entry »

Is Your Hunting License Up To Date?

Even though hunters receive some bad press these days, hunting is still a noble sport that is well-regarded by most people. If you are a hunter, however, you have an obligation to abide by certain rules and regulations. For instance, you should always make certain that your hunting equipment is in good repair and well maintained and that your licenses are current. If you get caught hunting without a current license, you could end up being Read the rest of this entry »

Bow Or Rifle – Which Works Best For Medium Prey

Give a man a rifle and rudimentary education and he can hunt his prey. Give a man a bow, arrows and a target; he will be a while learning how to use that bow and arrows.

Hunting medium prey such as whitetail deer, mule deer and black bears is very common in the United States. The whitetail deer is the most popular animal to pursue for the hunter with other game coming close behind.

A hunter must be ethical when hunting; it is the first rule of being a hunter. Harvesting game is a swift and Read the rest of this entry »

How To Balance Camouflage And Safety

If you are going to be hunting for the first time, you will want to remember that safety is still the number one issue that needs to be remember. People often watch a lot of movies and figure you can throw on a pair of camouflage pants and head out and you have all your bases covered. It is important to remember that there is different camouflage for different areas. You don’t want to be dressed for the desert and then head to the woods, you will be sitting duck. So the place to start is Read the rest of this entry »

Proper Techniques For Stalking Red Deer

Prior to your hunting trip, you should scout the area during off season to check for deer sign. There are some areas that the red deer will frequent more than others. All deer need three essential things; forage, water, and bed-down locations (or safe areas, such as heavy brush). When you are in deer country, scout for heavily used animal trails, which will usually have plenty of deer droppings.Always wear silent clothing and secure any rattling gear, because sound is Read the rest of this entry »

Now That You’ve Made Your Kill, What’s Next

Hunting can be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to spend your time. Everything leading up to the moment that you take your shot is crucial to a successful hunt, but what do you do after you have an animal on the ground?

First of all, breathe! Your adrenaline is sure to be high as the sky after taking a shot, so relax for a minute. Let your heart stop pounding and let your hands stop shaking. Carefully leave your hunting spot and move towards your game. Hopefully, you won’t have to track it very Read the rest of this entry »

Hunting Safety Tips

You’ve heard the horror stories or read them online with your WildBlue Deals internet…hunting can be dangerous if it’s performed incorrectly. Here are a few of our best suggestions for enjoying the bounty of the land without getting hurt.
Tell Someone – Before you go, even if you’re leaving at the crack of dawn, be sure to let someone know where you’re going in case something happens. You never know, you could fall down an embankment, break your leg or even have a heart attack – let authorities know where to Read the rest of this entry »

Top Ammo Brands For Deer Season

Deer season is a favorite among hunters and preparing for it involves a variety of things. One thing that you must to for deer season is select what brand of ammo that you are going to be hunting deer with. Let’s look at some of the top ammo brands for deer season.

One of the top ammo brands that you can use in your deer hunt is the .308 Winchester softpoints at 168 grain. This ammo is a favorite of many a deer hunter Read the rest of this entry »